Social Dinner

The 10th IALE World Congress Social Dinner will be held on Thursday July 4th 2019 at Alcatraz, Via Valtellina 25, Milan.


TIME > The event will start at 7.30PM

ADDRESS > Via Valtellina 25, Milan. Check the map

HOW TO REACH ALCATRAZ BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT > you can plan your journey on the ATM (Milan public transportation company) website

WHAT TO BRING > the Social Dinner voucher you received at the registration desk, either in your personal envelope or by hand

PROGRAM > dinner will start after the piano performance




Alcatraz is one of the most renowned venues in the city.

From a disused industrial warehouse, the space has turned into an eclectic and innovative location, which can host an incredible variety of events.


Our Social Dinner will be characterized by great Italian food and a unique piano performance by Emanuele Ferrari, a dear colleague of ours at the University of Milano-Bicocca and an extraordinary musicologist.

Emanuele has invented an original, engaging and communicative way of holding concert lectures of famous musical pieces with a piano: after playing the entire piece, he breaks it down and explains it to the audience, step by step.


Here a taste of what it will be like…




You really don’t want to miss it!

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Photos from Alcatraz official website














Alcatraz location