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by Friday May 31st 2019



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Cultural guided tour


The Sforza Castle in the ‘Year of Leonardo da Vinci’, 500 years after his death


2019 will mark 500 years since Leonardo da Vinci died and the city of Milan – where Leonardo spent the most important years of his life and carrier – will dedicate him a wide programme of cultural events to help the public discovering the world famous artist’s works.

The Sforza Castle Museums will open again the Sala delle Asse (Hall of wooden boards) doors, a very precious room located into the Museum of Ancient Art that has been decorated by Leonardo back in 1948 under request of Ludovico Sforza, known as il Moro (the Moorish). and that is now under restoration.

A guided tour of the Castle will take you back to the years of the Sforza’s dynasty apogee, when artists such as Donato Bramante and da Vinci where very familiar to the Ludovico il Moro’s court.

OPERA d’ARTE will also be able to take you exclusively to the Secrets Routes of the Castle, a suggestive Battlements’ tour to better understand the Castle architecture and enjoy a fabulous 360° view on the city of Milan.


Date > Tuesday July 2nd, 2019

Time > 10.00AM

Cost per person > € 30.00

Guided tour duration > 3 hours

Number of participants > min. 15 pax  – max. 50 pax


Cultural guided tour



Only 20km away from Milan, you can find one of the most beautiful and important monuments of the Italian Renaissance, the Certosa di Pavia.

Built by will of the Visconti family, who held court both in Milan and in a splendid castle in the city of Pavia, the convent was guarded by the monastic Carthusian order and was meant to host the tombs of the dukes of Milan, reason why it has been designed by the most famous architects and artists of the time.

The Certosa di Pavia is located in a magnificent natural scenery, among the fertile and green fields of the Lombardy countryside and it is a real treasure trove of pieces of art that arouse the wonder of travelers of all time, being for example one of the fundamental stages of the Grand Tour of European intellectuals from the 18th century on.

A guided tour will give you the chance to discovers this beautiful place along with the city of Pavia, ancient Roman city that in the High Middle Ages became the capital of the Kingdom of the Longobards and finally the city of the Dukes of Milan.

The guided tour will include the Certosa di Pavia, the Basilica di San Michele, the Visconti Castle and the University, founded in 1361.


Date > Thrusday July 4th, 2019

Time > 9.00AM departing time from Milan

Cost per person > € 80.00 (private bus and lunch included)

Guided tour duration > 6 hours

Number of participants > min. 25 pax  – max. 50 pax



Cultural guided tour


A long history of 1.500 years


The Duomo of Milan has always been the symbol of the city, not only for religious, but also civil and monumental significance.

Before the actual Late Gothic style building, wanted by the duke Gian Galeazzo Visconti and built from the 1386 on, the area was occupied by two gorgeous early Christian cathedrals and two baptisteries, of which you can see the rests in the Duomo Archeological Area accessible from inside the cathedral.

A guided tour will help you explore the entire Duomo of Milan Monumental Complex, from the early Christian sites to the art masterpieces preserved inside the cathedral, with a spectacular walk on the rooftop (Terraces) to better see the spires, the pinnacles and the amazing Candoglia marble sculptures and enjoy a tremendous view on the city and, with the good weather, also part of the Lombardy countryside until the Alps mountains.


Date > Friday July 5th, 2019

Time > 10.00AM

Cost per person > € 35.00 (Duomo PASS LIFT included)

Guided tour duration > 2 hours

Number of participants > min. 15 pax  – max. 50 pax