Journals and Special Issues


As part of the organization of the 10th IALE World Congress, we would like to encourage all the abstracts presenters to submit their research results to scientific journals.


We will not provide an extended book of abstracts, but we are working with symposia organizers to obtain as many Special Issues on scientific journals as possible.


This page is intended to give some details on all the Special Issues already agreed and will be regularly updated with the links to all the Special Issues confirmed.





Journal Link to the call of special issue Symposium Contact person
Landscape Ecology
Sustainable landscape patterns
Symposium 02 Jian Peng

Landscape Ecology Land-use legacies and forest change Symposium 22 Matteo Garbarino

Remote sensing Remote Sensing and Geospatial Approaches for Landscape Ecology All contributions linked to remote sensing Nicola Clerici

Sustainability A Systemic Perspective on Urban Food Supply: Assessing Different Types of Urban Agriculture Symposium 11 Martina Artmann

Ecosystem services  Mountain landscapes: protected areas, ecosystem services and future challenges Symposium 09 Uta Schirpke

Sustainability Anthropocene_or_Urbanocene Symposium 07 Massimo Palme

Animal conservation Under review – The call will be ready soon Symposium 15 Olivia Dondina

Plos One Urban ecosystems All topics linked to Urban ecosystems and landscapes Jamie Males

Acta Carsologica Challenges for subterranean landscape conservation in the world’s karst regions (the call will be ready soon)
Symposium 49 Claudia Canedoli

Biodiversity The ecological role  of sound in terrestrial and aquatic landscapes: Theories, methods and application of ecoacoustics Symposium 05 Almo Farina

Chinese Geographical Science Special issue on Pattern-Process-Service-Sustainability Symposium 19 Wenwu Zhao,,

Francesco Cherubini,,

Walter Musakwa,,

One Ecosystem Biophysical Methods for the Quantification, Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystem Services Symposium 47 (and open for other related submissions) Bastian Steinhoff-Knopp & Benjamin Burkhard

Land Multiple Roles for Landscape Ecology in Future Farming Systems Symposium 24 Diane Pearson,
Environmental and Sustainability Indicators Landscape Indicators for Sustainability All contributions linked to this topic Almo Farina,

Emilio Padoa-Schioppa,

Landscape Online Implementing the Green Infrastructure Approach in Central Europe and beyond Symposium 60 Marco Neubert,