Rules for symposia proposals

Rules for symposia proposals

To propose a symposium please we kindly ask to responsible of the symposium to fill this form into the website (don’t send files, use the website). But in order to simplify the exchange of ideas among scientists a word document with the questionnaire can be downloaded here

  • Structure of the symposia
  • Deadlines
  • Review process
  • Symposia organization
  • Number of proposals
  • Requested financial support


Structure of the symposia

The symposia structure may be (tentatively) the following

  • Opening the symposia (15 minutes, by the organizers)
  • Talks (15 minutes each: 12 minutes + 3 for questions) – Minimum required 4 talks
  • Closing (15 minutes, by the organizers)

Slots for symposia may be 90 minutes (4 talks); 120 minutes (6 talks); 180 minutes (10 talks); 240 minutes (14 talks). Organizer may suggest a slot, but final decision will depend on the number of accepted talks.

Organizers can propose a list of talkers but need to be aware that the accepted symposia will circulated and there will be a public call for abstract.  Furthermore, some slot will be left open for speakers from general pool.



The deadline for symposia proposal will be the 30 June 2018.  Abstract for talks in accepted symposia will be required during fall 2018 (according with the call for abstracts). Symposia organizers will be required to cooperate in abstracts evaluation (but needs to be aware that an external reviewer will be added, in order to ensure a more independent evaluation).

  • Opening call April 2018
  • Closing call for symposia: 30 June 2018
  • Decision of accepted symposia and opening the call for abstract: September 2018
  • Closing call for abstracts: 30 January 2019
  • Final decision of abstract acceptance 28 February 2019 (if a VISA is required and longer embassy process is expected, abstract can be evaluated before the 30 November 2018)


Review process

Please be aware that the Scientific Committee may suggest revisions to ensure the kinds of diversity and non-duplication issues suggested above.

Any accepted symposium will be open to accept abstracs from general pool, and the list of accepted symposia will be published on the website with all relevant informations.

The organizers may propose a chair for the symposium or have one allocated by the conference organizers; the chair may not be a speaker in the session. In addition to the symposium abstract, a paper abstract is required for each speaker (and will be required and evaluated later).


Number of proposal

1 symposium, 1 talk, 1 poster

In order to avoid conflict schedules, we require that among symposia organizers there will be one responsible person (first in the list) and there one person may be responsible for one symposium (but co-organizer of different symposia).

Furthermore, during the congress, we will follow the policy “one talk, one poster” for first authors. Symposia organizers will have two short slots at the beginning of symposia and in conclusion that is not considered as talk.

Posters proposals may be linked to a specific symposium.


Requested of financial support

Symposium organizers and speakers are expected to register and pay the fees of the congress according with their IALE status (member/non-member) and using discounts if this is allowed (students).

Symposium organizers should not make commitments to speakers regarding financial support. Although we will work to raise funds for the conference, no promises can be made at this time, and anyway, our effort will work in the direction of a general reduction of conference fee and on fellowship for young students.


go to “Propose your symposium” –> (this link is not active, since the call is closed)

download the “symposium proposal template”–>  (the file will help during the preliminary stages, but you are required to charge the informations at the end following “propose your symposium link”)