Title of the symposium:

Theoretical and practical challenges for planning landscape restoration



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Name: Cristian
Surname: Echeverria
Organisation/Affiliation: Universidad de Concepción
Telephone: +56991898243
Country: Chile





Symposium abstract

At present, diverse global and national initiatives and agreements seek to promote and support ecological restoration of degraded ecosystems at orders of magnitude greater scale than was envisioned in the past. To be effective, these initiatives must address the challenge of scaling up and adapting the knowledge and know-how developed over the past 30 years from the well-known ecosystem level to landscape level, and to do so across the full range of landscape types. However, little consensus exists on the definition and methodological approaches needed for landscape restoration. This symposium will gather scientists and practitioners to discuss and agree general concepts and principles of landscape ecology that me be instrumental for planning landscape restoration. This new perspective should incorporate ecosystem service mapping and assessment, conservation science, and spatially explicit analyses in site and landscape prioritization, as well as multi-criteria participatory planning. Finally, ample time will be reserved to exchange knowledge and experiences of on-going plans and programs of landscape restoration in varying biomes, in order to identify challenges and recommendations.



How your symposia will improve landscape ecology science?

This symposium will enable to identify new links between landscape ecology and restoration ecology. This will increase our understanding of how to operationalize landscape sustainability science in degraded landscapes. Moreover, we will highlight the role of the landscape ecology principles and concepts for planning landscape restoration in diverse biomes.



Broad thematic areas


Broad thematic areas 1st choice: Landscape planning


Broad thematic areas 2nd choice: Restoration of habitats and landscapes



Free Keywords

Restoration, Sustainability, Ecosystem Services, Planning