Title of the symposium:

How is Landscape Ecology shaped by research policies?



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Name: Werner
Surname: Rolf
Organisation/Affiliation: Chair for Strategic Landscape Planning and Management, Technical University of Munich
Telephone: +49 8161 71 4777
Country: Germany
Address: Emil-Ramann-Str. 6, D-85354 Freising









Name: Isabel
Surname: Loupa-Ramos
Organisation/Affiliation: Technical University of Lisbon, CiTUA
Country: Portugal





Name: Jonathan
Surname: Porter
Organisation/Affiliation: Countryscape
Country: UK





Name: Veerle
Surname: Van Eetvelde
Organisation/Affiliation: University of Ghent, Department of Geography, Landscape Research
Country: Belgium





Name: Wenche
Surname: Dramstad
Organisation/Affiliation: Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research – NIBIO
Country: Norway




Symposium abstract

In Europe, the European Union holds the largest funding sources for research and innovation programmes. Similar policy driven funding programmes are funding landscape ecology research in other parts of the world there. But how do research policies and funding programmes influence knowledge creation in the field of landscape ecology and what is the research impact of landscape ecology, in terms of contributing to solutions of societal challenges and policy problems in turn? Is landscape ecology ‘driven by research policy’ or also ‘driver’, is there an interrelation between these two and if yes – which? This symposium tries to understand the strategies apart from funding policy and programmes, creating spaces and stimulating independent research in landscape ecology.
Thus, contributions from around the world are highly welcome that helps to illustrate the following aspects:
–           How do research policy and agendas shape, steer or stimulate knowledge creation for landscape ecology?
–           How do knowledge and ideas of landscape ecology shape or influence the policy agenda? –
–           What kind of barriers of current research policies hinder progress on the research perspectives of landscape ecology?
–           How are current framework conditions influencing landscape ecological research and the dissemination of research results?
–           What are recent achievements in landscape ecology that evolved independently of any research funding agenda and what were there supporting factors?

This symposium is organised by IALE-Europe. We would like to reflect upon these issues with experiences from all around the world and discuss different barriers and opportunities. As an outcome, we will collect ideas to strengthen landscape ecology research around the world, which can be used to develop for instance opinion paper or policy brief about a future landscape ecology research agenda.



How your symposia will improve landscape ecology science?

This symposium critically reflects and raises awareness among landscape ecologists how funding programmes and their paradigms (e. g. shift towards third-party funded research, societal relevant research vs. fundamental research) and framing conditions (e. g. regulating structures, research evaluation) influence the way how landscape ecology research is influenced and being conducted.
Furthermore, it discusses different opportunities aside from any research policy agenda with possible hindering and/or supporting factors, helping to create space for independent research in landscape ecology outside funding programmes.
Essentially, results of this symposium will help to deepen the understanding on different research policy mechanisms among the IALE-Europe community specifically as well as the global landscape ecology community. While exchanging different experiences from both researchers as research policy makers around the world, the outcome of the symposium offers opportunities to further develop research strategies for landscape ecologists.



Broad thematic areas


Broad thematic areas 1st choice: Landscape governance





Free Keywords

Research Policy, Funding Programs, Research Agenda, Research Mechanisms, Science-Policy- Interaction, Independent Research Opportunities, Research Dissemination




This symposium will be organised as an interactive session with Landscape Ecologists around the world. It is considered to be based on short impulse presentations of the presenters, accompanied by intensive moderated discussion among IALE community, i.e. participants visiting the congress.