Title of the symposium:

Disturbance, degradation, and restoration in fragile ecosystems: Implications for resource distribution and ecosystem service



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Name: Junran
Surname: Li
Organisation/Affiliation: The University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK, USA
Telephone: 7328221689
Country: US








Name: Sujith
Surname: Ravi
Organisation/Affiliation: Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Address: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Country: USA





Name: Shiliang
Surname: Liu
Organisation/Affiliation: Beijing Normal University
Address: Bejing, China
Country: China





Name: Yihe
Surname: Lv
Organisation/Affiliation: Research Centre for Eco-environment Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Address: Beijing, China
Country: China




Symposium abstract

Fragile ecosystems are particularly sensitive to natural and anthropogenic disturbances such as wildfire, grazing, land use change, erosion, and other natural hazards (landslides, floods etc.). Owing to the lack of resilience, disturbances in such systems generally lead to the redistribution and loss of resources  (i.e., soil, water, and vegetation), and the alternation of the functions and structure of the ecosystem and landscape. Subsequent restoration efforts, although effective to a certain degree, may not restore the original ecosystem services in most cases. This symposium welcomes experimental, modelling, theoretical, and social-economic studies that investigate the impacts of natural and anthropogenic activities on a broad range of fragile systems, including both not limited to arid and semiarid, polar, mountain, wetland, coastal, and man-made ecosystems. We aim to create a diverse, interdisciplinary symposium representing the broad range of research into the impacts of disturbance and subsequent restoration on ecosystems and landscapes at various levels.



How your symposia will improve landscape ecology science?

Our symposium directly targets on disturbance and restoration, the key processes in landscape ecology science. Disturbance and the subsequent degradation could fundamentally change the structure, function, and service of the ecosystem and landscape. Current restoration practraces, however, are marginally successful in most cases. This symposium will provide an interdisciplinary forum, and bring in up-to-date knowledge and practice in observing, managing, and restoring of degraded ecosystems on the Earth’s surface.



Broad thematic areas



Broad thematic areas 1st choice: Disturbances in landscapes


Broad thematic areas 2nd choice: Ecosystem services



Free Keywords

Disturbance, Degradation, Restoration, Fragile Ecosystem