Title of the symposium:

Anthropocene or Urbanocene? The need of a new theory of global sustainability, including urban metabolism.



Detail of organizer(s):




Name: Massimo
Surname: Palme
Organisation/Affiliation: Universidad Católica del Norte
Telephone: +56552355188
Country: Chile
Address: Av. Angamos 610 Oficina 205








Name: Luis
Surname: Inostroza
Organisation/Affiliation: Ruhr Universitat Bochum
Country: Germany





Name: Daniele
Surname: La Rosa
Organisation/Affiliation: Università di Catania
Country: Italy




Symposium abstract

Anthropocene is a proposal to define a geological era that started with human development as agricultural sedentary specie. Industrial revolution possibly translates us into a new era, which should be called Urbanocene (West, 2017). With this in mind, the study of the urban metabolism seems to be a key discipline in the formulation of a new theory of global sustainability. Landscape ecology is involved in the formulation of a sustainable future, by analyzing the relationship between cities and surroundings under the metabolic functions that urban structures develop. This symposium tries to put together different visions that contribute to the definition of the urban phenomenon and its metabolism cross scales and disciplines. Contributes, in the format of experimental case studies, methodological work or theoretical essays, are expected to cover one of more of the following aspects/topics:
–           Theories and models for urban metabolism
–           Multidisciplinary approaches including social and engineering science
–           Urban ecology in contemporary urban systems and agglomerations
–           Making UM actionable: ways to inform urban planning and policies
–           Urban design and urban regeneration



How your symposia will improve landscape ecology science?

The symposium will put together different visions from disciplines like environmental engineering, architecture, ecology, geology and anthropology to advance the understanding of cities in terms of urban ecology and metabolism and to propose concrete solutions for contemporary urban contexts.
The urban character of humanity is a fact that brings us to the key role of the metabolism of cities in the understanding of the planetary ecosystem.
The symposium will contribute to the integration of Urban Metabolism and Urban Ecology fields in a more comprehensive approach able to provide recommendations and eventually solutions to issues of urban ecosystems, such as the access to scarce and limited resources, effective ways to re-use matter and energy, the regeneration of deprived portions of cities and  the planning design of more sustainable urban settlements.



Broad thematic areas


Broad thematic areas 1st choice: Urban regions (urban landscapes, urbanization processes, urban metabolism, rural urban systems)


Broad thematic areas 2nd choice: NONE



Outcomes of symposium

Special issue in a scientific journal (to be negotiated)