Call for symposia

The International Association for Landscape Ecology World Congress is recognized as the most important international meeting for landscape ecologists, academics, students and professionals. IALE world congresses are a forum for addressing landscape ecology challenges and for drawing future scenarios. They are the global venue for presenting and discussing new research and developments in landscape ecology. Most importantly, they connect our global community as the major networking outlook for anyone interested in landscape ecology.

The first IALE congress was held in 1984 in Roskilde, Denmark. Since then, IALE world congresses have been held in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia. Plenary sessions are presented by landscape leaders and visionaries.

Each four years the congress features numerous symposia, concurrent sessions, workshops, short courses and field trips. Past symposia have included such diverse topics as: landscape planning, landscape education, ecosystem services evaluation, monitoring and mapping, habitat fragmentation, remote sensing and landscape ecology, metrics in landscapes, cultural and bio-cultural landscapes; landscape ecology challenges in different ecoregions and biomes; biodiversity conservation and habitat restoration, and several other topics.

Our attendees are concerned with the science and practice of landscape ecology. The IALE is always global in scope, bringing together landscape ecology academics, students and from every sector of the field including the biological and social sciences, management, policy and planning. Attendees work for universities, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, private foundations and organizations and publications. They may be scientists, students, managers, policy-makers, writers, educators and other landscape professionals from throughout the world.

Some come to present, others come for the incredible networking opportunities of the congress, so join us!

The Organization Committee is now soliciting proposals for symposia. The basic criteria for symposia include:

  • a topic that should be novel, timely interesting for a broad range of landscape ecologist;
  • a proposed list of speakers that should represent a reasonable balance between established and new scientists, and that reflect the international diversity of IALE world Congress.

In addition, we warmly welcome proposals that reflect diversity in their line-up of speakers. Diversity can result from including speakers with different nationalities, different institutional affiliations and at different stages of their professional careers. We also strongly encourage the inclusion of speakers belonging to groups historically underrepresented within the profession, due to gender identity, ethnicity, or other protected characteristic.

The conference theme is ‘Nature and society facing the Anthropocene: challenges and perspectives for landscape ecology’. This can be interpreted very broadly, to address, among other topics: future landscape scenarios, ecosystem services evaluation and quantifications, metric for landscapes, monitoring habitat and landscapes, new landscapes (seascapes, subterranean landscapes; artificial habitats …), energy and food landscapes, biodiversity conservation in human dominated landscapes; history of landscapes, road ecology; soundscape ecology; social impact of landscape policies; impact on landscapes of society pressures; panarchy and resilience at landscape scales; new technologies for landscape monitoring; nature based solutions and green infrastructure.

Anthropocene is a new world, but the concept is familiar for landscape ecologists. The “total human ecosystem” proposed by Zev Naveh, acknowledges the role of Homo sapiens in moving the equilibria of Earth system. This perspective, with a dramatic change of speediness and magnitude of ecological processes and human action is a challenge for landscape ecology. New landscapes, novel human behaviors, unexpected challenges may contribute to rethinking ecological laws and to suggests new good practices for stakeholders and decision-makers.

We hope that in our world congress there will be floor to discuss those topics, joining different perspectives, disciplines and expertise.


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